Step by step

How we did it


The Brief

The goal of this project was to create a pixel perfect app for a selected device. Being in time of the launch of the new iPhone 12, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something for this device.


The Challenge

The added challenge to this project was to create the app inspired on an existing analogue device, and approach it from a skewmorphic perspective.


The Results

A UI design that inspired on the Trundle Wheel (also known as way wiser), to use the distance and space measuring capabilities of the iPhone 12’s LIDAR.

two iphones one backwards and one frontwards displaying the waywiser home screen
iphone displaying the map screen of waywiser
two iphones laying on a surface one of them turned off the other displaying the waywiser interface
six iphones arranged in rows of three displaying the starting screen for waywiser
Three iphones displaying different versions of the waywiser interface
an iphone showing the map screen of waywiser in front of another showing the setting screens