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Every person and every brand is different, so every project I take on is a unique world where different components and processes need to come together to make it a success.The best part of being a one-woman show is that I have the opportunity to dedicate all my attention, time and resources to you.
Building every aspect of your project to be exactly what you need it to be.


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New Media Design

The look & feel of it all

New Media Design is the look and feel of your brand and the first opportunity to tell people who you are and what is important to you.

Creating digital media that lives, breathes and evolves with your business. From graphics to UI/UX, or a complete visual identity; crafting a meaningful, friendly and honest experience.

Visual Identity

In digital scenarios your brand is no longer static, it is built every day by the people who come in contact with it.  Your visual identity should be a reflection of your living breathing brand.

Graphics & Ilustration

Every single piece of digital content should consistently communicate and provide value. I can help you create pixel perfect graphics that represent your brand on every channel

UI / UX Design

By designing UI/UX that are easy, accessible and useful you are giving people a delightful and friendly point of contact with your brand, that conveys who you are and what you do.

Motion Graphics & Video

I can incorportate your brand and visual identity into every video, animation and motion graphic piece to create an ideal experience for audience.

Conscious development

All that coding fun

Conscious development is building your platform in a way that is considerate of people and the environment. It ranges anywhere from automations and integrations to building your entire web platform.

Creating a service that focuses on people and usability, rather than on algorithms and search engines.Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to optimize your existing site, I’ve got you covered.

WordPress Development

All of my development projects, be it from scratch, redesigns or migraitions, are custom designed and built with your needs in mind, adding the functionality your web presence needs to serve your business and your community.

WordPress Optimization

Through plugins and manual changes I will help you implement what’s needed to make your wordpress site easy to find, accesibile, sustainable, secure and blazing fast to better serve your audiences.

WordPress Maintenance

If you want to focus on yourself and your business, and leave the techie stuff to the pros, just say the word and I will handle the updates, bug fixes, virus scans, backups and other regular maintenance tasks so you dont have to.

Automations & Integrations

I’m proficient in programming, integrations and automations and can help you identify and implement development projects, integrations and APIs to help you reach your goals without the extra efforts.

ethical marketing

Your voice, your message

Ethical Marketing is the use of socially responsible and culturally sensitive marketing practices which help you reach an organic audience. With transparency, trust, and honesty at the heart of your strategy.

I can help you structure campaigns for Paid, Owned and Earned media, that bring you and your brand in front of the right people with a message that provides value.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A look at all the digital touchpoints where your audience meets your brand. Let’s come up with a smart and simple plan for your owned, paid and earned media.

Email Marketing

There is more to email marketing than sending newsletters to your subscribers. Let’s reach people who want to hear your message and have freely opted in, to provide them with valuable content.

SEO Strategy

I can help you navigate the different areas of the world of search engines to focus your online presence on providing value for people and not algorithms. 

Online Ad Campaigns

Let’s strategize and structure your online advertisement campaigns, understand your audiences, how best to reach them and what messages to share with them to get the right people in front of your brand.

Custom Projects

Ordering off the menu

If your project’s needs don’t match any of the items listed above, or you have specific constrains regarding time, budget or other resources, don’t hesitate to contact me. I have the benefit of being very flexible and I’m sure we will find a way to work together that makes sense for both of us.

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