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This blog is meant to be a place to gather news, thoughts about my business and the causes I support. Here you can find useful industry information to help you and your brand. I will also be collaborating with people I respect and admire and inviting them to share and discuss their ideas.


What I write about.

Design For Good

I believe design in all it’s forms has great power to do good. Let’s about the ways in which design can be used to make things better and how it can sometimes be used to manipulate and harm.

Digital Wellbeing

Technology is a fantastic resource, I’m very optimistic about all the ways it can improve our lives, our goals and our planet. Let’s talk about the ways we are interacting with technology and how they help or hinder our overall wellbeing.

Being Green

It’s not so easy being green… or is it? How are we working towards sustainability and restoring resources?

Everyone Belongs

Talking about diversity, inclusion and belonging. How we can create spaces where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.

The Economics of Change

Let’s talk about changing markets for the better. Selling in an ethical way, putting people first and how doing good can help us do well.

Making My Moves

I want to share openly my path to doing well and doing good. It’s been a learning experience with lots of ups and downs and I want to share it with you.

Bits & Pieces

Sometimes a post is a bit off-topic from the main themes of my blog, in those cases I leave them uncathegorized and they land on Bits & Pieces.

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