The Pledge

How we sell matters.

Together, we are making the ethical move to create a new marketing standard based on transparency, trust, and honesty. Put the person before the sale. Help them make the best choice for their needs, not yours. 

Our Commitment

Practice honest marketing.

Tell the truth, don’t lie.

Commit to transparency.

Communicate clearly, and don’t withhold information.

Take responsibility.

Contribute to the betterment of your industry.

Sell with integrity.

Honour explicit and implicit promises.

Level the playing field.

Recognize vulnerable segments, never discriminate.

the ethical move.


Charm Pricing

I pledge to keep my pricing ethical and transparent.


False Urgency

I pledge to not use time pressures to drive a sale.


False Scarcity

I pledge to be honest about my availability.


Lead Magnets.

I pledge to be transparent in my email list building.


bait and switch.

I pledge to deliver the value I promise pitch-conscious.


Woke Washing.

I pledge to not use social issues to leverage my marketing.


Secret Recipe.

I pledge not to make false promises in my sales and marketing.

Ethical BusinessThe Ethical Move