my commitment

How I vow to do what I do.

As a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) International chapter, I am bound to their Standards of Professional Practices. These standards define the expectations of a professional designer and represent the distinction of an AIGA member in the practice of design. In addition, I follow a designer’s code of ethics. 

A designers Code of Ethics

Mike Monteiro said it best, designers need a code of ethics, like doctors have, because the decisions we make and the things we build make up the world we live in.

This is his code of ethics, shared as a living document on github and one that I have adopted as my own.

  • A designer is first and foremost a human being.
  • A designer is responsible for the work they put into the world.
  • A designer values impact over form.
  • A designer owes the people who hire them not just their labor, but their counsel.
  • A designer welcomes criticism.
  • A designer strives to know their audience.
  • A designer does not believe in edge cases.
  • A designer is part of a professional community.
  • A designer welcomes a diverse and competitive field.
  • A designer takes time for self-reflection.
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