better business

Doing Well & Good

This little catch phrase has been attributed to many people, most notably Benjamin Franklin. It speaks to acting in a way that balances well purpose and profit as business objectives.

When it comes to designing and building interfaces my goal is to craft respectful, honest interfaces that solve business requirements well and efficiently.

01. Aligning ethics and profit

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Ethical business practices can lead to profitable and sustainable businesses, a true win-win scenario.

02. Considering your impact

Analysing all your decisions to understand the impact they have in the community, the environment and beyond.

03. Ethics embedded into design

Ethics need to be a central aspect of the design process. Embeded into the core of every system we build, not an afterthought.

best practices

How I run my business

 Kindness, transparency and honesty in selling and marketing are the key to succesful relationships. Discover the commitments I make to make sure we work together in a way that is considerate, rewarding and successful.


The Terms and conditions lay out the way we engage through this site and what our expectations and agreements should be when we decide to work together.

The Tech Pledge

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology to be ultimately good for people and the planet. Here is my commitment to this mission.

Code of Ethics

I strive to act with integrity that demonstrates respect for the profession, for clients, for colleagues for audiences, and for society as a whole.

The Ethical Move

The world is shaped by how we buy and sell. I have made the ethical move to sell in a transparent, honest and trustworthy way.

Ethical Business