Privacy By Design

A privacy framework

Privacy by design is a concept coined by Ann Cavoukian, PhD in the 1990’s, and it revolves around the idea that privacy cannot be assured by compliance with regulatory frameworks; rather, that it should ideally become an organization’s default mode of operation.

Privacy by design is all about giving people control over their information, and companies becoming accountable. When I build my clients sites, like when I built my own, I apply the Seven Principles of Privacy by Design, you can read them below.

01.Proactive not reactive

It’s all about identifying risks and preventing them, rather than trying to find solutions when problems have already happened.

02. Privacy as the default

Privacy is the default setting throughout the system. You as a visitor don’t have to take any action for your privacy to be safeguarded.

03. Embedded into design

Privacy is an integral part of the design process, not an addon or an afterthought. It is an essential component of the site’s functionality.

04. Positive Sum not zero sum

It is possible to creat a win-win scenario where privacy andother legitimate interests and goals are fulfilled.

05. Full life cycle protection

Information is securely collected, securely retained and securely destroyed. Every step of the process has been designed into the system.

06. Visibility & transparency

Making all information about privacy and protection available to all stakeholders, being open, honest and transparent about the process.

07. Respect for user privacy

Keeping the systems user-centric empowers people to decide about their information and make choices in an user friendly way.

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