Maria looking straight into the camera, wearing glasses.

Who I Am

All the deets

So this is the part where I introduce myself and humble-brag my way into your good graces. How am I doing so far?

In all seriousness, I’ve been doing this job for 13 years and if there is one thing I’ve learned about myself, is that I do my best work when I get personally involved with the people and the brands I’m working with. When I believe in the message they are trying to communicate and when our interests are aligned.

So if we are going to build great things together, we need to make sure we click & we are going to enjoy spending together the time it takes to build them. So let me tell you about myself, and hopefully soon you can tell me all about you.

My Story

Most people start these by talking about where they’re from. I’ve always found that a little hard to do because I’m from all over the place. The short version is that I was born and raised in Latin America, and have been living and moving around Europe since 2010. I bring with me all the experience (and baggage) of someone who has had multiple places to call home.

When I was 16 I wanted to be a writer, I loved telling stories and always had my nose in a book. One thing led to another and then another and I ended up studying Audiovisual Communications & Multimedia in Bogotá, Colombia. Following that I packed my life into two suitcases and moved to Barcelona, where I got my masters degree in Marketing Management.

Even before I started university, I used to moonlight doing design work and building websites for friends and family (In notepad!). Little did I know that it was the beginning of what would one day grow to be my business.

With all that moving around, a 9-5 was clearly not a good fit for me. So I did the only thing I could and started my own business. Over this past decade I’ve had the opportunity to work with big corporate clients and one person operations, nonprofits and businesses. I’ve had a chance to learn what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, what doesn’t work for me.

After a few years in the industry, I was starting to feel burned out and for the first time ever, I dreaded getting into work in the morning. I eventually realised I was compromising my integrity and what I know to be right in order to deliver clicks, ROI and KPIs. I needed a change.

Moving to Sweden in 2019 was the perfect opportunity to start all over, and the first order of business was going back to university. I wanted to get inspired by the new advances in the field, soak up inspiration from the younger generations and give myself space to recharge.

Now I’m back:
Rebranded, relaunched & ready to make things happen.

Fun Facts

Things you didn’t know
you wanted to know.


I’m a sucker for old school punk.


I’m a competitive public speaker.


I’m into biohacking, and technically a cyborg.


I have a genetic condition called EDS which makes me a Zebra.


My hair always matches the Pantone Color of the year.


I love to sing.
Also, I’m a terrible singer.


I use the oxford comma, and I love every second of it.


I can have a full conversation just using gifs and emoji.


I love cooking and baking. I hate cleaning the kitchen afterwards.


I could never finish watching Bambi… too much crying.


I once won the first place in a beer drinking contest.


I hate secrets. And surprises. But mostly secrets.


The things that matter

My mission is to help brands achieve sustaible growth by crafting experiences that combine consciousness, data & creativity with a focus on providing value to the people and communities they serve, and the planet.

My vision is to become an ally and an asset for brands that want to ethically harness the power of design, marketing and development to achieve growth for themselves, the people they interact with and society as a whole.


Do With Purpose

Our purpose is our why. Make sure every action you take is aligned with who you are and why you do what you do.


Add value, not noise

Pythagoras said it best “Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence”. Don’t speak just to hear your own voice.


Practice Lagom

Lagom can be translated from Swedish as “Balance through moderation” or “simple-perfect”. More isn’t better, it’s just more.

Best Practices

Walking the walk

I believe that in order to change things for the better we need to be considerate, transparent, and collaborative in the way that we work. To be open and honest about the things we’re doing and the steps we’re taking. These are the steps I am taking, how I run my business and the commitments I’ve made to live by the things I say.


I strive to act with integrity that demonstrates respect for my profession, for my clients, for colleagues and collaborators, for people, and for society as a whole. Learn more about how I go about this journey.


If the web was a country it would be the 7th largest polluter on the planet. I work hard to educate myself and reduce the impact my business, my projects and I have on the environment.


My website and online platforms are open and welcoming for all people. Find out how I build these principles into my ways of working, the spaces I share with my clients and collaborators & the community I’m building.


Privacy hinges on consent. What permission you give for if, when and how your data is collected, stored and used. Learn more about the data you share with me, and how I consider privacy in everything I build.

About Me